but their attitude is expected since they have the luxury of acres of plush green grass and open fields of fresh air and sunlight. For cows, it doesn't get any better than this.

We have only Jerseys cows on our farm. They vary from light brown to almost black, and some are fawn in color. Jerseys are recognized by a lighter band around their muzzles, a dark switch (the hair on the end of the tail) and black hooves. Jerseys are an intelligent cow breed and we enjoy being around them because they are known for their calm, gentle, and docile nature.

Jerseys produce milk with the highest butterfat of the top dairy breeds and they are particularly suited to the warm weather of northwest Florida. Come to the farm for a visit and you'll get to meet the girls in person.

28367 NE State Road 69
Grand Ridge, Florida

(850) 674-1573

"the hills shall flow with milk" ~ Joel 3:18